This system is designed to relieve over pressuring mud systems.

IE: Mud Pump Systems, Riser Gas Handling Systems, as well as MPD (Managed Pressure Drilling) Applications. The valve is electronically controlled and pneumatically actuated.

The valve is made from 75k yield material and manufactured in accordance with API 6A, PSL3, Material Class DD, Temperature Class P/U. The sealing components are Tungsten Carbide, along with a Tungsten Carbide Wear Sleeve downstream of trim to protect against erosion. 
The valve has a studded 3 1/16” 10K inlet and outlet, with both the X and Y being 5.88” from centerline. This allows for adaptor flanges to be made to allow the valve to fit into existing pipework. (No need for any fabrication on rig)
The valve has been successfully tested at 10,000 PSI over 300 times, with various pressure tests run at 200-400 PSI during the testing cycle. At cycle 300 a 30 minute test at 200 PSI and a 30 minute test at 10,000 PSI was successfully performed.
The control panel is constructed of a Stainless Steel Console and is a PLC based system with an HMI to display pressures, valve states, and relief settings, which can easily be calibrated and set to the desired opening pressures. System status is logged locally for easy access to detailed analysis of events and alarms.  System diagnostics can be viewed directly on the HMI for ease of troubleshooting. The system can be manufactured to IECEX, ATEX, CE for Zones 1 and 2, depending on rig request. 

The System is also available with the following options:

  • Battery Back Up to keep system running during loss of power
  • Remote Data Acquisition which will record all system statuses for long term data storage and trend analyzing, including pressures, cycle counts, events, alarms, operator commands, and diagnostics. 
  • Adaptor Flanges


  • Fail Safe Open Pneumatic Actuator
  • Manufactured to API 6A PSL 3
  • Tungsten Carbide Gate/Seat
  • Temperature Class ‘U’ (0 to 250 degrees F)
  • 4130 Body and Stem 
  • 4130 Surface Hardened Bonnet
  • Adjustable Set Pressure
  • Can be field calibrated
  • 3 1/16” 10K studded API connection on both inlet and outlet with a 5.8” “X” & “Y” dimension from centerline
  • Fully Qualified with over 300 Break Out Cycles at 10,000 PSI

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