Subsea Equipment

Deadman Autoshear Systems (DMAS)

The Deadman Autoshear (DMAS) system, when armed, automatically “closes-in” the well in the event of total loss of hydraulic supply and pilot signals with the BOP control system.  It can also “close-in” the well in the case of an unplanned disconnect with the Lower Marine Riser Package (LMRP) from the BOP Stack.  The DMAS manufactured by CAD Control Systems meet and/or exceed API 16D specifications, and ABS/DNV certifications are available upon request.
  • 3 KSI (Native), 5 KSI to 4 KSI (regulated), 5 KSI to 3 KSI (regulated), 5 KSI (native)   working pressures available
  • Single function, dual function, multiple auxiliary functions, and/or delayed secondary functions (i.e. for ram locks)
  • Various hydraulic connections and custom panel dimensions available
  • Numerous ROV Panel, read backs, and Trigger Valve Assembly interface configurations available
  • (Optional) Fires secondary or auxiliary DMAS functions (such as ram locks)
  • DNV and ABS certification available

Drift Mandrels

CAD manufactures a variety of different size BOP drift mandrels per API 16A requirements.  Although rugged and capable of sustaining years of use, they are also precision manufactured to provide high levels of overall concentricity and dimensions.  Numerous end connectors are available with documented pull testing certification.  

Hot Line and Umbilical Hose Reels

Hotline Control Panels
Our Hotline Control Panels can be customized to meet any of your needs for auxiliary hydraulic supplies to allow subsea technicians and other qualified rig personnel to test hydraulic components and systems or provide temporary hydraulic power to other systems. 
Available with inlet pressures up to 5000 PSI and multiple outlets that can be configured for full pressure and regulated pressures.  Inlet and outlet sizes and along with end connections are completely customizable to meet client flow and interconnect requirements.  Systems are composed of stainless steel and other non-ferrous wetted components.  Panel bodies are constructed of 316 series stainless steel and can be customized to fit various installation requirements including free-standing, and wall mounted designs.  Local pressure gauges can be augmented with electronic displays and tied into electronic data acquisition systems.
Contact our sales group for custom designs to handle all your hydraulic distribution needs.

Umbilical Reels

CAD Controls can provide umbilical reels to handle your deployment needs for electronic/electrical cables, hydraulic hoses, or combinations of both.  All systems can be designed to meet various regulatory requirements and hazardous atmosphere needs.  Reels can be designed to accommodate any lengths required and can be outfitted with level winds when necessary.
Systems can be provided with multi-port hydraulic swivel connections to provide for continuous hydraulic supply during deployment and retrieval.  Electronic and optical slip rings can also be provided for continuous communication.  
All reels can be designed with pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric drive systems and can be equipped with local and/or remote control panels.  Remote control panels can be configured to control multiple reels from multiple locations.  Sheaves can be custom configured to meet client’s unique deployment requirements. 
From single line hydraulic reels accommodating a few hundred feet to multiplex reels for deepwater applications we can meet all your deployment needs.

Rigid Conduit Manifolds

Our Rigid Conduit Manifolds (RCM) provide you with numerous fluid distribution options.  They are manufactured to meet the requirements of API 16D and ABS or DNV certifications are available upon request.  

We offer fully customized solutions to provide for overall connectivity, functionality and mounting/installation options.  Systems can be equipped with manifolds, crossover valves, regulators, hot stabs and filters.  They can be provided in 3 KSI, 5 KSI and 6 KSI options.  Comprised of contemporaary and duplex stainless steel alloys, pur RCM's are designed to provide years of trouble free service.  

ROV Interface Panels

CAD Control Systems ROV Panels are available as a bolt-on or weld on panels.  They are comprised of a stainless steel path with handles that stabilize the ROV while working and a user defined combination of ROV-compatible interface components. 
These components can include gauges that provide visual pressure read backs, hotstabs that allow for the ROV to hydraulically interface into the system, paddle-type directional valves that allow the ROV to manually control circuit functions, hydraulic regulator functions and the “cut line” tubing that provide an emergency method to vent circuits by shearing them with an ROV end-effector. All of our ROV panels meet and/or exceed API standard 53 and API 17H & 16D specifications.  ABS/DNV certifications are available upon request.

Subsea Accumulator Modules (SAM)

CAD Control Systems line of Subsea Accumulator Modules (SAM) Models I & II are built to our customer’s unique specifications and requirements.  SAMs are available in working pressures up to 6,000 PSI and are equipped with the following:
  • Piston or Bladder type accumulators depending on water depth and working pressures
  • 17H High flow ROV interface hot stabs and receptacles (optional J-locks)
  • 316 series stainless steel accumulator manifolds w/SAE Code 62 flanges w/seal sub connections
  • Standard, box style or larger footprint retractable style mud mats w/optional mud jet vent system
  • Floating subsea ball valves w/ROV CL 4 buckets
  • Subsea pressure gauges
  • 1” flying leads w/high visibility protective jacket
  • Optional ROV operated flying lead hose reel
  • Lifting/handling slings, hook and float
  • Ability to run and retrieve w/drill string
  • Can be charged via ROV, surface system w/hotline, or from existing subsea system via flying lead
  • Heavy duty four post frame is designed and manufactured per user specifications
  • Optional single point accumulator gas charging setup

Subsea Regulator, Solenoid and SPM Valve Test Benches

CAD can supply a variety of customized hydrostatic test benches for subsea systems.

Our hydraulic regulator and SPM valve test benches can be designed with custom connections dependent upon the style, and size of regulators or valves needed for testing.  Typical systems consist of isolation and vent valves, accumulators and function valves to simulate BOP functioning.  (Available in pressure up to 6 KSI)

Our Solenoid Test Benches consist of stainless steel manifolds and can be rated for pressures up to 6 KSI.  The electronic interface provides customizable power options along with controls for testing.  Hazardous atmosphere certification is available upon request.

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