Chart Recorders


CAD Control Systems has the toughest, most compact chart recorders in the industry today.   They are ideal for use in terra stockers, desiccators, or for recording conditions simultaneously in several cleanroom locations.  


  • Single pen or dual point recording
  • Highly reliable and vibration proof
  • Removable chart drive modules ensure easy chart paper changes and easy calibration


CAD provides a convenient, inexpensive solution to pressure monitoring. These fully digital chart recorders offer an array of improvements over the conventional analog circular style chart recorder.  It can be mounted to the front panel of the test unit or detached and stored when not in use.  There is also a DAQ to monitor Laptop Package for Record Maintenance.  


  • Multiple point recording and monitoring of temperature, humidity, cold storage, warehouses, effluent and boreholes
  • Highly reliable and vibration proof
  • Secure data recording with 64 MB internal flash memory and archiving to SD memory card
  • Comprehensive audit trail, secure archiving format and extensive physical and configuration security features, making SM500F ideally suited to applications where compliance to 21CFR part 11is required
  • Extensive physical and electronic security features ensure integrity of recorders configuration and archived data

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