SCADA Systems

Our line of SCADA panels provide flexibility and proven reliability to monitor and operate your control systems, efficiently and safely.   
Our panels provide a clean, user friendly layout that reflects the operator’s unique requirements.  We can provide systems to meet any environmental demands including hazardous atmospheric requirements. 


  • Customized view of data
  • Multiple databases supported
  • Multiple communication protocols supported
  • Customized data analysis according to system operator needs
  • Redundant data storage with RAID 3 hard drive configurations
  • Redundant data servers with constant synchronization between servers can be provided
  • Multiple configurations available including rack mount, wall mount, control arms and free standing
Whatever your SCADA needs, CAD Control Systems has a solution or can customize one for you.


CAD Control Systems Continues Improvement
CAD now offers the latest in PLC Technology with the new Siemens S7-1500 series PLCs.

In 2012 and 2013, CAD Control Systems had the opportunity to partner with Siemens in BETA testing their latest PLC offerings, the S71500 series PLCs.  Once testing was completed, CAD was one of the first to utilize the technology in Automation Control Systems. 
The S7-1500 series PLC offers the following advantages over the S7-300 series:
  • Faster processing of program for seamless controls
  • More memory storage for larger and more complex automation systems
  • More detailed diagnostics, making troubleshooting faster and easier
  • Hot swappable I/O cards to minimize down time
  • Triple rated for Hazardous Areas (UL, ATEX, IECEx) enabling use in almost any location
  • Smaller footprint for space constraints

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